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Changes to the Supply Chain of Lighthouse and Hawid Products

What's Happening?

At the end of January, 2018, the UK Distributor for Lighthouse and Hawid products within the UK, Duncannon of Reigate, ceased trading at short notice.
This will have a short term impact upon availability of both brands.

The Future?

Lighthouse We are now importing all Lighthouse stamp albums and accessories, in fact the entire range of philatelic products directly from Leuchtturm in Germany.
This is very good news as it will improve delivery times to approximately 7 - 10 days.
We will be importing all products to order.

Hawid We are now importing Hawid stamp mounts and guillotines directly from Hawid Hans Widmaier GmbH in Germany.
We already maintain good stocks of black background mounts and this will continue.
We can also offer some additional sizes not normally sold in the UK, enquiries welcome.
We will be importing Clear background mounts to order, due too much smaller sales.
Importation time will be 2 - 3 weeks.

Fake News?

You may have seen claims by another philatelic business, stating:
"sole UK retail agents for Lighthouse products"
"sole trading rights for Hawid"

These statements are inaccurate and we are importing both Lighthouse and Hawid brands to the UK with the full consent of Leuchtturm and Hawid Hans Widmaier GmbH in Germany.