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Prinz Watermark Fluid

picture of prinz watermark fluid, watermark tray and dropper bottle

Prinz Watermark Fluid

Watermark fluid is the traditional method used to detect watermarks in postage stamps.
Prinz watermark fluid is non-toxic, non-greasy, quick drying and safe for use on all stamps including photogravure, lithographed and engraved.
To find the watermark in a postage stamp simply place the stamp face down in the Safe watermark tray and then use the dropper bottle to apply the watermark fluid until the stamp is completely covered, if there is a watermark it will appear instantly. You can now remove the stamp using tweezers and place on a clean surface to allow it to dry before handling.
Prinz watermark fluid comes in a 250ml plastic bottle and the empty dropper bottle has a capacity of 10ml. Safe watermark tray measures 110 x 65 x 9mm.

warning sign image WARNING! Aliphatic hydrocarbon mixture avoid contact with skin. Danger of pneumonia, respiratory disorders, pulmonary edema. Keep away from inflammable materials, naked flames and children.

Since the change to a new style bottle we have had many reports of leakage while in transit.
Due to this continuing problem we are no longer supplying Prinz Watermark Fluid. Sorry.
Update: 12th Dec - Prinz have dropped this product from their own brochure too!

Prinz Watermark Fluid

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