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Environmental Policy Statement

We ensure that every aspect of our business activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.

We actively aim to:
♦ Minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy.
♦ Minimise the creation of waste produced by our business activities.
♦ Comply with all environmental legislation passed by the UK and EU Governments.

recycling symbol     REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE

To achieve these aims:
♦ Our computer and printer equipment is all certified as meeting the strict 'ENERGY STAR'
   guidelines set by the European Commission.
♦ Our printers comply with ISO 7779 (Energy consumption) and ISO 10561 (Noise).
♦ Our printers use single colour ink cartridges on the most economic settings to minimise wastage.
♦ Used ink cartridges are sent to cartridge recycling centres in aid of charitable organisations.
♦ Our invoicing software means that we can send all such paperwork via e-mail reducing our paper
   consumption by more than 60%.
♦ We re-use at least 95% of the inward packing materials, those which cannot be re-used is sent
   for recycling.

We aspire to the principles of ISO 14001.

Even our banking is ethical.
We use Monzo, a digital bank, which has a very small carbon footprint to begin with.
Their aim is to be carbon neutral by 2030, that is to remove carbon, not offset it as some other business will do.
Monzo also have a policy of only investing monies safely and ethically.

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