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Environmental Policy Statement

We ensure that every aspect of our business activities are conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.

We actively aim to:
♦ Minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy.
♦ Minimise the creation of waste produced by our business activities.
♦ Comply with all environmental legislation passed by the UK and EU Governments.

recycling symbol     REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE

To achieve these aims:
♦ Our computer and printer equipment is all certified as meeting the strict 'ENERGY STAR'
   guidelines set by the European Commission.
♦ Our printers comply with ISO 7779 (Energy consumption) and ISO 10561 (Noise).
♦ Our printers use single colour ink cartridges on the most economic settings to minimise wastage.
♦ Used ink cartridges are sent to cartridge recycling centres in aid of charitable organisations.
♦ Our invoicing software means that we can send all such paperwork via e-mail reducing our paper
   consumption by more than 60%.
♦ We re-use at least 95% of the inward packing materials, those which cannot be re-used is sent
   for recycling.

We aspire to the principles of ISO 14001.

Even our banking is ethical.
We use the Co-operative Bank who have a strict policy regarding the type of businesses they accept as clients.

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