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Enviromental Policy

Our Environmental Aims

We ensure that every aspect of our business activities are conducted
in accordance with sound environmental practices.

We actively aim to:
Minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy.
Minimise the creation of waste produced by our business activities.
Comply with all environmental legislation passed by
the UK and EU Governments.

recycling symbol     REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE

To achieve these aims:
Our computer and printer equipment is all certified as meeting
the strict 'ENERGY STAR' guidelines set by the European Commission.
This is a program ro reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain.

Our printers comply with ISO 7779 (Energy consumption)
and ISO 10561 (Noise). Our printers use single colour ink cartridges on the most
economic settings to minimise consumption.
Used ink cartridges are sent for recycling, in aid of charitable organisations.

Our invoicing software means that we can send all such paperwork
via e-mail, reducing our paper consumption by more than 60%.

We re-use at least 95% of the inward packing materials,
those which cannot be re-used are sent for recycling.

We aspire to the principles of ISO 14001.

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Other Businesses We Use

We use Octopus Energy for our electricity supply.
They generate 100% of energy from renewables.
Thinking of switching suppliers?
click the link to receive a £50 credit when you
Switch to Ocotpus Energy

Even our web site hosting service, Krystal Hosting,
uses 100% renewable energy from Ecotricity.
Looking for a new web site host?
click the link to visit Krystal Hosting
If you sign up receive a £10 credit with code: 697A5C32

PS. Krystal Hosting have planted 87 trees on our behalf.

When we despatch your orders using Roayl Mail
and FedEx, both have a net zero target of 2040.
While Royal Mail already has the UK's
lowest average parcel carbon footprint, 218g CO2e.

Even our business banking is ethical too.
Monzo have a net zero target of 2030.
They have a zero tolerance of artifical tax planning, fossil fuels,
arms, tobacco, modern slavery and human trafficking.