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Supply Problems Affecting Philatelic Accessories

Updated 13th October, 2023

Davo Country printed Albums - Discontinued
As part of SG's relinquishing of their albums and accessories, they have also given up the
Davo UK Agency to the same third party.
We ceased supplying these albums from 13th October, 2023.
Regretably, this new Agency agreement with Davo, has the same restrictive practice of only
supplying through the Agents into the UK, thus controlling the source of supply and therefore
the prices too.
Though you, as a private individual can purchase direct from Davo, in The Netherlands.

Davo Easy Stamp Mounts
We are now importing these stamp mounts to order from The Netherlands.
This ensures availability of stocks, unlike the UK Agents, but will take approx 2 - 3 weeks.
But you will get the mounts within that timeframe, rather than being left for several weeks
in limbo by the UK Agents.

Supplies of the re-introduced brand, now owned by Leuchtturm, are available with a similar import time to Leuchtturm.
We keep all Black mounts on the shelf and Clear mounts are obtained to order due to limited sales.

There are currently only a small quantity of items out of stock at Leuchtturm.
While imports continue to come through in approx 3 - 5 days, when sent via FedEx.
Leuchtturm have changed their own despatching times, so turnaround times at Leuchtturm are now 3 - 4 days, rather than the
previous 1 - 2 days. This means importation lead times of 10 working days, instead of the previous 7 - 10 working days.

Stanley Gibbons - Discontinued
As SG have now 'hived off' all their albums and accessories to a third party and therefore the
SG name now exists as a licenced brand name only, we have decided to cease supplying
Stanley Gibbons products as of 13th October, 2023.
Since SG dropped all their best selling albums in October 2019, sales of this brand have been
pitiful, which has made this decision very easy to come too.

Showgard - Discontinued
The UK Agents, SG, have now contacted Vidiforms, owners of the Showgard brand regarding
the severe shortage of stocks, which has been going on for well over a year and have decided
to cease being the Agents.
Therefore this brand is now discontinued in the UK.

The BREXIT effect?

We have now left the EU fully. Importations of Lighthouse products remain unaffected.

We are importing Lighthouse (Leuchtturm) and Hawid into the UK directly from Leuchtturm Gruppe in Germany. Whilst also importing to order Davo Easy stamp mounts from The Netherlands.