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Stamp Mounts
Information and Help

The details may assist you in choosing
which type of stamp mounts
you wish to purchase.

Hawid stamp mounts are gummed
with a range of 60+ different sizes.

Davo Easy stamp mounts are self adhesive
with a range of 35 different sizes.

Hawid - Black Hawid - Clear
Davo - Black Davo - Clear

  • manufacturing details of hawid stamp mounts

    What Hawid stamp mounts are made of.

Stamp Mounts Information

Hawid Stamp Mounts

Hawid stamp mounts are the No.1 brand of stamp mounts
and were developed by Hans Widmaier 75 years ago,
they are the original and still the most widely used
and trusted mounts by stamp collectors.

Manufactured to their own detailed specifications
at every stage ensuring the guaranteed quality
expected and appreciated by philatelists for the
protection and preservation of their collections.

Hawid stamp mounts are produced from acid-free and
plasticiser-free polystyrene consisting of a rubberised
based film and clear reflex-free covering film.
Hawid, or Standard, style mounts are open on
three sides and have a single seal at the bottom
which holds the stamp in place.
But the larger sizes, 60mm or more, are
sealed top and bottom, producing a sleeve
to hold larger items more securely.

With Hawid - Standard Style you lightly moisten
the central area on the back, as this is ready gummed,
and affix to the album leaf.
To insert the stamp you lift the clear film front slightly
and slip the stamp in using tweezers until it
meets the seam at the bottom which
secures the stamp, then release the clear film.
With the larger sizes, 60mm or more,
you gently slip the stamp or miniature sheet in from the side.

Davo Easy Stamp Mounts

Davo Easy stamp mounts developed by Davo,
in The Netherlands, are the first self adhesive
stamp mount range.

A mount that is easy to use and that does not require
water, a sponge or a shammy. And as a result, the problems
of the past have disappeared;
no buckling paper, no mounts falling off.

One other important advantage is that
the Davo Easy sticks on any kind of paper.
Whether your book is laminated,
coated or on high gloss paper,
it is very simple; once affixed, it sticks.

With Davo Easy - Standard Style Self Adhesive
you simply peel off the protective backing paper
revealing the small adhesive strips at the bottom
and affix to the album leaf.
Insertion of the stamp is the same as for the Hawid