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Lighthouse L81 Combined
UV Lamp - Portable

A really useful handheld portable ultra violet lamp which incorporates both a shortwave 4 watt tube emitting at 254nm
and a longwave 3-4 milliwatt bulb emitting at 380nm.
The shortwave uv tube is housed in the side and the longwave uv bulb is fitted in the end. To change ultra violet wavelength you simply slide the click switch to select the one you require.
Lamp also has a cord wrist strap.
Shortwave UV tube (254nm) detects the presence of phosphor.
Longwave UV bulb (380nm) detects the presence of fluorescence.
Overall dimensions of this lamp are 163 x 55 x 23mm.
Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).

You must NEVER look directly into the light scource of
shortwave ultra violet lamps as it is harmful to your eyes.
For this reason keep out of the reach of children.

  • picture of L81 combined uv lamp showing phophor on postage stamps

    Lighthouse L81 Combined Ultra Violet Lamp - Portable. Top view and showing phosphor on stamp.

  • side viw of lighthouse combined uv lamp L81

    Lighthouse L81 Combined Ultra Violet Lamp - Portable. Side view.

Lighthouse L81 Combined Ultra Violet Lamp - Portable

L81 Ultra Violet Lamp

Shortwave UV
Longwave UV
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