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Watermark Detectors

SG Detectamark Spectrum
picture of SG Detectamark
Optical Detector
LED Light Source
Multiple Colour Settings
Can Show Thins and Repairs
Mains or Battery Powered
Test Item Must Be
Smaller Than 50 x 50mm
Light Alloy Body
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Safe Signoscope T3
The latest and best optical
watermark detector
picture of Safe Signoscope T3 Watermark Detector
Cost £160.00

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Lighthouse Sherlock
effectively the same as
SG Detectamark Spectrum

Full details can be found in the
Lighthouse brochure HERE...
Safe Signoscope T3 Optical Watermark Detector

The Signoscope T3 is the latest optical-electrical watermark finder..
Easy to use, no chemicals so stamp is safe. The handling is very simple.
Detects not only watermarks but also repairs, degrees of preservation,
quality defects and paper irregularities.

The new Signoscope T3 has become much more powerful;
It works with 3 strong LED's, which are hardly susceptible to wear and very energy efficient.
These LED's guarantee optimal illumination of the stamp.

The LED light sources are infinitely dimmable. Very useful for some watermarks.
Adjust the intensity of the light sources by moving the control knob
up and down (+ and -). In addition, the stamp can be examined with
8 different light colours, which in turn are all dimmable.
Watermarks, paper irregularities or even repairs can appear differently
depending on the light colour and can also be better recognised.
The following light colours are freely selectable:
brown, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, violet and, of course,
white daylight as the central examination light.

These different colours can significantly improve the examination result by, for example,
irradiating a (mainly) red-grounded mark with red light, thereby virtually "neutralising"
the red printing ink, which may appear on the back of the stamp.

The watermark now appears more clearly and is no longer disturbed by unwanted colour effects.

Comes with a mains to USB cable, can also be plugged into any device
with a standard USB port. Even used with a 'power block' when out and about.