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Stamp Hinges
picture of Stamp Hinges
Lighthouse Fasto Hinges
Pack of 1000
Ready Folded
For Used Stamps ONLY
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Stamp Tweezers (Tongs)
picture of Stamp Tweezers
Standard Length 120mm
Choice of 4 Ends
With Sheath (Etui)
Long Length 155mm
Choice of 1 End
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Stamp Drying Books
picture of Lighthouse Drying Books
A4 Size Drying Book
Keeps Stamps Flat
after Soaking Off
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Corner Mounts
picture of Corner Mount boxes
Lighthouse Corner Mounts
Ideal for Mounting
Covers and Postcards
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Lindner Phila Combi Box
picture of Lindner Phila Combi Box
Pocket Sized Box
Fast and Easy To Use
Perf Range 7 - 16.5
Size 115 x 55 x 11mm
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Identification Labels
picture of Lighthouse Identification Labels
Arrows, Circles and Dots
Self Adhesive
Excellent for Highlighting
Varieties on Stamps etc
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