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Hawid Phila Set

A plastic box which contains 90 mounts, black background, in 18 different sizes. With tabbed paper dividers for sizes 21mm - 55mm.

Usual Prixe £ 31.95

Clearance Price £ 15.00

5 available
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SG Canada 2020 catalogue

Receive a FREE copy of this catalogue when you purchase a set of Lighthouse Hingeless Canada Leaves & Binder.

View LH Canada Leaves

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offer excludes:
SN, QP, KS, PV leaves
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Safe Signoscope T3

The latest optical watermark detector on the market.

With 8 different light colours, from 3 LED lights.

Mains powered by
micro USB plug

Price £ 160.00

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Davo Luxe
Great Britain
Volume 2 Album
(1970 - 89)

Usual Price £ 170.00

ONLY £ 120.00

only 1 available
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