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Compact LED
picture of Compact LED magnifier
35mm Aspheric Arylic Lens
6X Magnification
Light Source:
2 LED bulbs
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Hand Held
picture of Hand Held Magnifying Glasses
50 - 90mm Glass Lens
2.5X - 4X Magnification
Traditional Style
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High Power Folding
picture of High Power Folding magnifiers
18mm Glass Lens
Both Achromatic & Aplanatic
10X or 20X Magnification
Leather Etui Case
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Linen Tester LED
picture of Linen Tester LED magnifier
23mm Plastic Lens
5X Magnification
LED Bulb
Measuring Scale
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LU150 Illuminated
picture of LU150 Illuminated Torch Style magnifier
30mm Plastic Lens
10X Magnification
Adjustable Focus
2 LED Bulbs
Torch Style
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Pull Out LED
picture of Pull-Out LED magnifier
21mm Plastic Lens
20X Magnification
LED Light Source
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NEW Lighthouse
LED Pull Out with UV
2.5X and 45X Mag

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Precision LED & UV
picture of Precision LED UV magnifier
17mm Glass lens
10X magnification
Both Achromatic & Aplanatic
6 White LED Lights
7 Longwave UV LED Lights
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The magnifiers shown here
are only a small selection
of those that we can supply.
USB Microscope also Supplied.

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If you have any specific
requirements such as
magnifer style or function
please submit details
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